Mark Hamill Joins New-Gen as Creative Consultant... And There's a Movie - NYCC News

We’ve already told you that Mark Hamill – you know, the guy from Star Wars, and definitive voice of The Joker? That guy – will be signing with the New-Gen comics folks at New York Comic Con. Well, here’s some other news: Hamill is officially joining them as a “Creative Consultant.” Oh, and he might be in their movie, too.

That’s right, a New-Gen movie, which is now in development, with the following line-up: Producer Mace Neufeld (“The Hunt for Red October”), Co-Producer and First Assistant Director Kim H. Winther (“X-Men: First Class”), Director of Photography/Cinematographer David Tattersall (“Star Wars: Episodes I, II, III”), Visual Effects Supervisor Jeffrey A. Okun (“The Day the Earth Stood Still”), Production Manager John H. Starke (“The Punisher”), Production Designer Oliver Scholl (“Jumper”) and Composer Christopher Young (“Spider Man 3”). “NEW-GEN” founder and creator J.D. Matonti will helm the production as the feature’s Director, with the franchise’s Julia Coppola and Chris Matonti rounding off as the film’s Executive Producer and Producer respectively.

So that’s a fair amount of geek cred, I think.

You can check out more, and get your books signed by Hamill at the following times and locations:

Oct 14 & Oct 16 (Booth #770)

Mark Hamill & The NEW-GEN booth signing

Oct 15 (American Airlines Theater A106)

Mark Hamill, J.D. Matonti, Abdul H. Rashid, and Jeff Gomez Panel

There's plenty more news coming from NYCC over the weekend, so keep it tuned to MTV Geek! Not that you can tune a web browser, but don't give me lip, kids.

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