The Gamer's Guide to New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con 2011 is a 4-day event chock full of everything that is hot in comic books, television, and movies. While gaming may not be this con's primary focus, If you look closely enough, you'll see that the hobby is making a few notables appearances on the panel schedule and show floor. If you're a gamer in this city this weekend, here is your must-do checklist:

Get your D&D Neverwinter Saga books signed by author R. A. Salvatore

Earlier this month, long-time D&D author R. A. Salvatore continued the tale of his most popular character, Drizzt Do'Urden, with the release of the second book in the Neverwinter Saga. The book is part of a larger planned six-book series set in the Forgotten Realms. At 4PM on Friday, you can attend a panel with Salvatore will answer all of your questions about the series, but stick around afterwards for his 5:30 book signing.

Play the Mouse Guard RPG with creators David Peterson & Luke Crane

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind gaming experience to take away from New York Comic Con, then you absolutely must stop by the Archaia Entertainment booth Friday morning or any point in the day on Saturday. There, you'll get to try out the brand new Mouse Guard RPG boxed set with the game's designer Luke Crane and the comic's writer/illustrator David Peterson. Even if you're a fan of the comics but don't have a roleplaying bone in your body, don't be discouraged. The Mouse Guard RPG system is extremely easy to pick up, making it a perfect entry point for new gamers and stripping Mouse Guard fans of any excuse not to try this game out.

Hit up the Wizards of the Coast gaming area

Wizards of the Coast community manager Michael Robles has posted his schedule for the weekend, and some great recent and upcoming WotC releases make appearances. On Saturday in particular, he'll be running a D&D adventure, Siege of Gardmore Abbey, and sessions of the unreleased D&D Adventures board game The Legend of Drizzt. On the full list of official D&D events, there's also a beginner-friendly convention delve and a Conquest of Nerath board game challenge. Of course, Michael will also be carrying Magic: The Gathering Innistrad and Commander decks all weekend, so feel free to come ready for a match.

Say hi to Steve Jackson Games COO Phil Reed

Aside from being one of the major forces behind the Steve Jackson Games label, Phil Reed is also a very active toy blogger over at That makes it a natural fit for him to be appearing in the booth of indie toy company Onell Design on Saturday afternoon. Phil will be there teaching games and carrying a stash of promo items, so be sure to track him down if you want to take home some great con swag.

Catch a screening of the Locke & Key pilot

Earlier this month, Cryptozoic Entertainment (who are behind the new Walking Dead board game) announced that they have partnered with IDW Publishing to bring a Locke & Key board game to your table. Based on comic written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez, the Locke & Key board game will be a 3-6 player competitive experience. What better way to prepare for the game than to catch a rare screening of the comic's television adaptation?  The pilot has not been picked up for a full season, but you can watch it at noon on Friday in room 1A10.

While there are a few noteworthy gaming events, they don't exactly fill a laundry list. Perhaps New York Comic Con has found itself in an awkward position, with all of the major game publishers recovering from their post-summer hangover induced by the big three (Origins, Gen Con, and PAX Prime), or preparing for the world's largest gaming trade show, the Spiel in Essen, Germany. One thing is for sure, though, New York Comic Con is a booming show that is looking more and more like the east-coast alternative to San Diego every year. Perhaps by 2012, NYCC will be so large that game companies just won't be able to afford missing it.

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