Sadie Awakens for our Living Dead Doll Review

While New York Comic-Con is fast approaching, October is still dominated by the horrors and candy-filled holiday of Halloween. That makes it all the more fitting Mezco's Living Dead Dolls is also celebrating its unlucky 13th anniversary with the release of Sadie-- the original LDD! Join us as we take a look at this creepy-ass doll-- who we keep locked away in the spare room. Yeah, according to every horror movie ever, we're doomed!

Sadie comes packaged with a Death Certificate that features this happy-go-lucky prose:

I hereby certify that on the Twenty sixth day

of April, 1969


The first one to arise from her tomb

Our little mascot of doom and gloom

Sadie has arrived to spread along fear

All throughout out thirteenth year

Sadie utilizes the familiar LDD body and has the same head sculpt as previous releases. Makes sense seeing as how she's not gonna be aging anytime soon-- well, rotting maybe.

The paintwork on Sadie is flawless. Her eyebrows, eyes, and lips are all done without any slop and there is just a hint of shading around the eyes which adds to her undead look. Sadie also features a +13 tattoo stamped on the back of her lower neck.

Sadie has a nice range of movement while still keeping with the limited articulation of a doll. She features a ball-joint neck, shoulders, and hips and they all move smoothly and hold their positions. Her entire body is constructed from vinyl and these are by far the best type of joints for this material.

Sadie climbs out of her coffin sporting a new party dress and paper party hat. The dress is black with white polka-dotted trim. It is constructed well, but there were a couple of places where stray white thread had come loose. Quick use of the scissors, and these were no longer a problem. Sadie is also wearing shoes and socks. Nothing out of the ordinary here, just some simple footwear to cushion a doll's steps as it sneaks in our bedroom to stab us as we sleep. *shudder*

If you're a fan of the Living Dead Dolls, or toys that make people uneasy when they stay over, then Sadie is the right toy for you! Be sure to check out Mezco's official website for more info on the entire Living Dead Dolls line.

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