Baseball and Dystopia: New Manga for the Week of October 12

It's a bit of a slow week for new manga, with a fresh batch of titles from Viz but just one each from everyone else.

Last week, Viz released a stack of new volumes, mostly in their Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump lines. The second week of the month brings a smaller but more varied selection, mostly from Shonen Sunday. The pick of this month's litter is definitely vol. 17 of 20th Century Boys, Naoki Urasawa's sprawling tale of a cult whose plans for global domination are based on a childhood game. Johanna Draper Carlson admits to some frustration with the suspense in this series in her short review (scroll down) at Comics Worth Reading, but even so, Urasawa's skill as a storyteller is undeniable.

Other new Viz releases this week include vol. 15 of Battle Angel Alita: Last Order, vol. 5 of Cross Game, vol. 40 of the classic Case Closed, vol. 6 of Hyde & Closer, vol. 28 of Kekkaishi, and vol. 7 of Maoh: Juvenile Remix.

Kodansha has just one new release this week: Vol. 2 of Gon, the wordless tale of an adventurous dinosaur who mixes it up with other animals in many different settings. Creator Masashi Tanaka has a wonderful art style that is stunningly accurate—except that Gon keeps showing up long after the dinosaurs were supposed to be extinct. Librarian Nick Smith has a concise review of this volume at ICv2.

Dark Horse has volume 9 of Bride of the Water God, a manhwa (Korean comic) that has attracted a lot of notice for its beautiful art. Check out the preview at the link to see what I'm talking about, and if you're curious to know more, read Kate Dacey's review of the first five volumes at The Manga Critic.

Digital has only one new book out this week as well: Vol. 4 of Kabuki - Green, a yaoi manga set in samurai times. The cover looks absolutely lovely.

If digital is your deal, has just posted volume 3 of the high school romantic comedy Hitohira.

CLAMP fans, if nothing here appeals to you, save your pennies, because their new manga, Gate 7, and the first volume of Viz's omnibus edition of X are coming later this month.

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