EXCLUSIVE! Marvel's Scarlet Spider Swings Back To Comics With Chris Yost and Ryan Stegman - NYCC 2011 Interview

It’s being announced RIGHT NOW at New York Comic Con, but we’ve got the exclusive news for you here on MTV Geek: starting in January 2012, writer Chris Yost and artist Ryan Stegman will be presenting a brand new, ongoing take on The Scarlet Spider! Spinning out of the events of the Spider-Island event, the new (or is it old?) Scarlet Spider will be heading cross country…and doing some stuff.

Honestly, we don’t know a whole lot yet, because who–-or what--The Scarlet Spider is remains to be seen. To find out what we can, here’s Chris Yost chatting about what makes this title the must read of 2012:

MTV Geek: So to kick this off, I’m pretty excited because you’re just going to straight up tell us who’s under the Scarlet Spider mask. Right? RIGHT???

Chris Yost: YES! I can now reveal that the Scarlet Spider is in fact Wolverine. You heard it hear first! Wait, no. That was the pitch that Spider-Editor Steve Wacker rejected.

Geek: Okay, more seriously, what CAN you tell us about the new (?) Scarlet Spider? What motivates him? Or her??? I think I’m going to wear out the question mark key on my keyboard by the end of this interview, by the way.

CY: After the events of Dan Slott's amazing #spiderisland, Scarlet Spider's entire life has been turned upside down. ScarSpi (like ScarJo) has one motivation -- get the hell out of New York. For reasons that are as yet unrevealed, ScarSpi is on the run, heading down Mexico way. But as the story progresses, those motivations will change because life gets in the way.

Geek: Be honest: we all know this is definitely Felicity Hardy, from the MC2 Universe, right?

CY: Nailed it. You're good. You heard it here first!!

Geek: Awesome! Other than a costume, what makes someone The Scarlet Spider? There’s been a number of characters to use the moniker in history, so is there some sort of connective fiber that joins them together? A web, if you will?

CY: A web of LIFE. Or, as it happens, a web of DEATH. The Scarlet Spider name definitely has some history, some baggage... why would a person take this name? Or are they just taking it BACK? I'll just say that there's a very good reason for our main character (because I can't necessarily say HERO) to take this name. There is a connection, but it might just be in the color. Hair color, costume color...

Geek: Why do you think this is a concept that has endured? We see more and more aspects of the Clone Saga popping up nowadays, and as opposed to say, the past decade, fans seem to be really embracing these characters.

CY: Scarlet Spider--back in the day--turned the Spider-Man universe upside down. There's a chunk of fandom that really embraced Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider, and some who even think of Scarlet Spider as "their" Spider-Man. It's taking the message of Spider-Man and seeing it through a new lens, through a different set of sensibilities. Someone with life experiences different than Peter Parker. And it's a lot of fun.

Plus, people like red. Red sports cars, redheads...

Geek: Speaking of which, will we be seeing any of the other Scarlet Spiders popping up in the series? Or any other aspects of Spidey-history? We do know that while Scarlet Spider is touring the country, Carnage is doing the same thing in Carnage USA. Are we going to see them come face to face at all?

CY: The history and connections to the Spider-Universe will definitely be there--all the connective tissue will be there. This isn't someone random, it's someone who has a connection to Spider-Man. And you never know--given Scarlet Spider is taking place in a far different location than New York, you never know who's going to pop up. You'll see new characters, old characters, rarely used characters--there's going to be a lot of local flavor in this.

Geek: Talk a little bit about the story in the Point One issue, and how that sets us up for the ongoing series.

CY: After the events of #spiderisland, Scarlet Spider is on the run. But as with all spider-characters, nothing is ever easy. The shadow of Peter Parker looms over all things (especially if you're Peter Parker, like Scarlet Spider is. I mean, was. May be again).

So when all ScarSpi wants to do is get out, events conspire to pull her back in. I mean him. So it's a little taste of the adventure and dilemmas that are going to face our red-hued protagonist. The Point One story puts ScarSpi on the road.

Geek: Reading the description of the series, it almost seems like it's got a bit of the Incredible Hulk TV show’s DNA in it, but with Spider-powers instead of gamma rays. Is that close to the mark at all?

CY: Yes and no. ScarSpi will quickly find a new home, but there's no guarantee it's going to last. Or that they want it to last. But there's definitely that kind of fugitive vibe there. And the theme music.

Geek: Talk about Ryan Stegman’s art… What tone are you guys bringing to the series, and what’s it been like working with him?

CY: Stegman's art is the star of this show. He's the real deal. Tone, mood, emotion, acting, kick-ass action, and a pure feeling of awesomeness. It's been a joy to work with him, seriously getting pages from him every day has been one of the highlight of my year.

He really brings a lot to the book, not just pretty pictures, but a ton of ideas--a visual style, story ideas, character ideas. He's the set decorator, costume designer, choreographer, acting coach, and the thought that he puts into each and ever panel just blows me away.

I don't know how to describe it. Cinematic. Animated. CineAniAwesome.

Geek: Lastly, any bits you want to tease? Are we going to find out the Scarlet Spider’s identity by the end of the first issue? Or before??? ß My question mark key just broke off.

CY: You'll know who ScarSpi is sooner rather than later. We're having a blast working on the book, and we just hope that people have as much fun reading it.

SPOILER: For everyone waiting for the Beyonder's return, it's not him.

SCARLET SPIDER #1 hits comic book stands in January of 2012 from Marvel Comics.

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