Seth Green and Jon Favreau Enter The 'Secret Cabinet' On ABC

In an odd alignment of talent, Jon Favreau is going to be helming the pilot of the 2012 ABC White House conspiracy drama Secret Cabinet. I wonder if it'll air before or after the election. No cast or official air date have been announced.

Weirdly, was reporting yesterday that the series would be called Ex-Comm. Which had to have been simply the script name since there's a whole video game franchise with a way-too-similar name out there.

Here's the official synopsis:

A procedural following a newly-elected president and his secret cabinet, the government’s covert team of America’s most elite minds who investigate and protect our nation from the strangest occurrences and conspiracy theory truths out there.

So it sounds like Orci is doubling up the Fringe weirdness with a little Executive flavor. This pitch--which for now, just has a pilot commitment from ABC--is a reunion for Favreau and Orci, after Orci (along with frequent collaborator Alex Kurtzman) wrote the screenplay for this past summer's Cowboys and Aliens. This early in the game, I'm going to assume that with Favreau's sensibilities joining Green's, the show isn't exactly going to be a bastion of serious drama. As for Kurtzman and Orci, I hope those guys have whatever inevitable series-long mystery they're sure to be cooking up figured out in advance.

We'll find out more when the pilot makes its debut in the Fall of 2012.

[Via EW]

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