Chris Miskiewicz and Maurice Fontenot Team Up to Bring You 'Kittens Everywhere'

The creator of the ACT-I-VATE webcomic Everywhere joins the Ghost Pimp writer/artist to kill the world with kittens--and they're bringing real-life band Big Linda along for the end.

A couple of months back, we spoke with Everywhere webcomic creator Chris Miskiewicz about his many animal-themed plans for the end of the world, with everything from bunnies to horses wreaking havoc and causing the end days for a baffled populace of Earth. The setup allowed the writer to destroy the world, one animal at a time, bringing along a new artist for each installment. Here's how he laid out the premise of the book when we last spoke:

You wake up to find that one animal species has exponentially appeared everywhere around the globe at the same time, and follow each episode’s lead character through their portion of the event.

I didn’t want to do a straight-out creature feature, as much as a series of offbeat tales that were possibly set somewhere inside of a creature feature. That was my main goal, and I feel like we’ve pulled that off. Another draw was that they would be short web content single issues without recurring characters.

This time around, it's Ghost Pimp creator Maurice Fontenot who's handling the art chores as the world is assaulted by a deadly wave of kittens. In a twist, Miskiewicz has also included British rock band Big Linda in the story

You can find Kittens Everywhere here. And feel free to check out some of Big Linda's music on their MySpace page.

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