Schism, Snarked, and Severed: New Comics for 10/5/11

…And so, after one of the busiest Septembers ever, DC’s New 52 is done, and we’ve conclusively proven whether comics are dead forever or not. Or rather, here we are in month 2, and things are still rolling as usual! Or are they? Here’s some of our picks for the best stuff that comes out on comic book stands this week:

Let’s talk trades first, because why not? We’ve already told you several times to pick up the AXE COP: BAD GUY EARTH trade paperback, including on the volume itself, but hey, one more time couldn’t hurt: buy the darn thing, it’s hilarious for violent kids of all ages. If you’re feeling a little less violent, though, definitely grab Kate Beaton’s hilarious HARK A VAGRANT, which we’ve had sitting on our nightstand for weeks, and still makes us laugh. Also funny? ROGER LANGRIDGE’S THE SHOW MUST GO ON from BOOM!, which collects some of the writers less collected creations.

Snarked #1

Speaking of which, ROGER LANGRIDGE’S SNARKED #1 hits today, and it’s a delightful romp, mixing characters from Lewis Carroll’s novel with vaudeville slapstick and high adventures – it’s a can’t miss. Similarly, jump on board SKULLKICKERS #11 from Image, which is proving to be one of the best fantasy series on the stands – and the funniest. We like funny stuff, what can we say?

Also from Image? LAST OF THE GREATS #1, which we got a preview of, and presents a hardcore tale of superhumans – or rather, humans – gone horribly wrong. Note: it is not funny, and neither is SEVERED #3 from BATMAN’s Scott Snyder and company, which is shaping up to be one of the more terrifying mini-series of the year.

Fear Agent #31

Wrapping up its run at Dark Horse is FEAR AGENT #31, which we reviewed, and is bringing the landmark series to a fittingly dark close. If you have any humanity left after reading it, check out REED GUNTHER #5, which has a delightful bear teaming up with a cowboy. A palette cleanser!

It’s a light week at Marvel, though we strongly recommend you pick up HULK #42, the first part of the Hulk of Arabia storyline, and X-MEN SCHISM #5, the last part of Jason Aaron’s fracturing of the X-Men. We’ll have Post-Games on both on Thursday, but I’ll tell you now: they are both fantastic comics well worth your money, exciting and emotional.

Animal Man #2

Last but not least, it’s the first week of DC’s New 52, Month 2. We’re looking forward to a number of the titles, but the big news is ANIMAL MAN #2. Will Jeff Lemire keep the surprises going for a second month on what was unilaterally considered the best title in Month One? We’ll see…

And that’s it! What titles are YOU looking forward to, fans?

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