Warpath Returns to X-Force with Kotobukiya's Latest Statue

X-Force has went through a few different incarnations throughout Marvel Comics' sordid history. From the days of being a collection of ponytails, shoulderpads, and belt pouches to more recent times of covert death and destruction; the members of X-Force have changed to reflect the times. However, one constant (besides the X-Statix days) has been the bruiser James Proudstar, known as Warpath! Today we're taking a look at the Warpath statue from Kotobukiya's recent X-Force Fine Art line.

When it comes to the sculpt, Warpath is every bit as ferocious and intimidating as he appears in the comics. Erick Sosa scores the sculpting credit for this big block of badass and he should be one proud poppa. Warpath is crouched forward with both vicious daggers gripped in his gloved hands like he's about to burst forward and disembowel some member of Apocalypse's crew, the Reavers, the vampire Nation, or one of the other hundreds of groups set against mutantkind as of late.

Like most releases we've seen from Kotobukiya, the paint on this statue is without fault. There's a nice mix of flat and gloss finished throughout his costume. Some airbrushing effects have been added to the gray areas of the uniform to show off the muscle detailing.The stone base is also very well done and matches the color schem,e of the previously released, and reviewed, X-23 statue.

The Warpath statue comes in a few pieces. The base, figure, and two knife blades are all separate but attach tightly via pegs and holes.

The knife blades are made of actual metal, however they're not sharp enough to actually kill any cyborgs or future world-conquerors.

See that? Holsters. Proof enough that you should be hunting down this statue as soon as it's released. Okay, maybe the fact that Warpath is from the first run of the black ops X-Force comic is more persuasive. Whatever. For more info on Warpath and the other incredible statues coming out from Kotobukiya, be sure to check out their official website.

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