Munchkin Axe Cop Swings Into Action

Munchkin Axe Cop is the game you never knew you wanted. That is to say, you may be a fan of Munchkin or you may be a fan of Axe Cop, but unless you've got a love for both, you won't realize that they make an absolutely perfect pair.

Stop and think about it for a second. Munchkin is a game where players fight a never-ending series of offbeat creatures in their quest to reach level 10. Along the way they'll collect weapons and loot (with pun-laden names), and experience frequent changes to their race and class. This makes for an overall hectic experience filled with two things: violence and corny humor.

Axe Cop is a comic written by a 5-year-old and it shows. The pages include some of the most oddball characters thrown into a rapidly evolving story, where more often than not, there's a fight taking place. The humor here is a perfect fit for the minds behind Munchkin to work their magic on. Heck, even MTV Geek's own Alex Zalben has described it as the "most ridiculous setup for a poop joke in the history of comic books." Slap this theme onto the already-great card game I described above, and you've got a winner on your hands.

Even though there are already ten different versions of the original Munchkin game covering everything from pirates to zombies, Munchkin Axe Cop will be the first ever licensed set. The game will be released later this month, but between that and the release of the Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth trade paperback, it seems like October is Axe Cop Month. So let's continue the celebration by doing a sneak peek of our top 5 picks from the 168 cards in this set. It was hard to pick favorites, but these five cards best demonstrate the great pairing of Munchkin and Axe Cop:

Low-level Munchkin creatures are the ones I always tend to find the most humor in, and this level 1 duck is no different. Exploding eggs are not a huge threat to your health, but they sure are menacing with that three card discard. Let's be honest though, the duck is awesome and was going to make this list no matter what was written in its "bad stuff" text. Surely, you remember this creature's epic chase scene with Baby Man. Human and animal have not been locked in such a struggle since Peter Griffin got in a fight with that giant chicken.

A perfect piece of Munchkin loot, unicorn horns pop up all over the place in Axe Cop. To reflect this, there are several different uni-horns in the deck, but the one with artwork featuring Avocado Soldier is definitely my favorite. True to their magic and rare nature, the horn can cancel a curse or net you a hefty 500 gold, but its power is fleeting.

This Sockarang card is a good time to point out the ally system in Munchkin Axe Cop. In addition to weapons and loot, each player can have one ally card in play to assist in battles, and the Axe Cop universe provides no shortage of hilarious characters to choose from. Sockarang makes this list because of his abilities against Santa monsters, many of which can be found in the Waiting for Santa, Santa's Revenge, and Reindeer Games booster packs. Munchkin Axe Cop can be mixed with any of the other existing Munchkin sets and expansions, and these Santa-themed boosters are a great place to start.

Perhaps the oddest part of the Axe Cop comic is how characters drastically mutate whenever the blood of another creature gets on their skin. That's fair play in Munchkin, where a typical game has players switching from elf, to dwarf, to gnome and so on. In Munchkin Axe Cop, you'll have your pick of several wacky powers including dinosaur, avocado, and moon.

The sudden appearance of a weapon store at the crucial moment of every battle is a great recurring deus ex machina moment in Axe Cop, and one of my favorite running gags. That's why I was so glad to see it make the deck. Just like in the comic, these trips should help your turn the tide of a fight in your favor.