Risk Legacy: There's No Turning Back

What if the decisions you made playing Risk today affected every future time you played it? This unique twist is the focus of Risk Legacy, a game that will have you breaking out your best Tom Vasel impersonationdoing everything to your game short of throwing it off the roof.

This sci-fi re-imagining of the classic war game plays as a 15-game campaign throughout which permanent changes will be made to the board, deck of cards, and rule book. After those first 15 games, Risk Legacy will be completely customized to reflect the history you and your friends have established, and you can play your unique version of the game over and over again.

But how exactly does one customize a board game? Let's take a look at the rule book, which is posted online in advance of the game's November release, in order to pull some examples. Before the first round even begins, players must use a sheets of stickers to assign special powers to each army and to permanently increase the value of up to 12 different spaces on the board.

The box includes six sealed envelopes that will be opened mid-game as soon as some special criteria are met, such as "open when the first player is eliminated" or "open as soon as 3 missiles are used during the first combat roll." The effects contained in these packs remains a mystery, but there are blank spaces spread all throughout the rule book where additional text will be added.

The big changes to Risk Legacy come when a player wins the game, though. After a victory, the winner gets to choose one major action, such as tearing up a territory card, leaving that space worthless on future plays. The winning player could also choose to write in a name for one of the continents or cities (there are plenty of blank spaces for writing on the board). Grab a sharpie and fire up your imagination because naming a locale will give a future bonus to that player only, who also gets to sign his or her name on the list of past game winners.

The above is just a small taste of Risk Legacy. In total, there are 15 different major modifications a winning player can make to the game. These have sparked some debate among gamers as to whether writing on your board and tearing up cards is a great way to draw players into thematic campaign play, or if it is just a ploy to sell more copies of Risk Legacy. Ultimately this argument will be settled once this title hits the table and gamers get to answer the number one question: is it fun? The game isn't available yet, but come November, we'll be playing to find out.