'Dead Island' Patch Is Live On 360, Still Coming On PS3 And PC

Dead Island

by Russ Frushtick

UPDATE: All this patch talk has us confused! Seems the "day one" patch did arrive on PC last week. The upcoming PC patch is more for minor fixes and tweaks.

ORIGINAL STORY: "Dead Island" is a bit of an odd bird. At times, it's gorgeous, at other times, it's horrendously ugly. Sometimes the multiplayer works flawlessly, and other times it's a struggle just to invite someone into your game. And, despite all of that, I was more than happy to spend 30 hours romping through Banoi, bashing zombie heads in with an electrified sledgehammer.

That's not to say I wouldn't want them to fix some of the issues that seem to have plagued the game since launch. A "day one" patch was promised, but the PC and console versions have not been so lucky. Seems the exact meaning of "day one" is open to debate.

The 360 version, however, has finally received its update, which focuses on fixing a wide range of issues from quest bugs to thrown items getting picked up by strangers. You can also now use a ladder, even if someone else is using it. Welcome to the future, people!

Unfortunately for PS3 and PC owners, their patch is still in the works, with no specific release date planned.

Meanwhile, at least two DLC packs are planned for the game sometime in the future. The first, an arena battle mode, was planned for release in September, but these patches may delay that a bit. The second, which promises a brand new campaign from a different character's point of view, currently has no release date.

If you're one of the many who are enjoying "Dead Island" despite these bugs, feel free to check out our colored skulls guide to one of the more interesting Easter eggs in the game. We've also guide a guide for crafting some of the more valuable items in the game.

Dead Island Fight Together Trailer