MTV Comics and Stan Lee's The Seekers Voting Is Open!

Hey there True Believers,

We have selected the top 20 semi-finalists in the writing category for Stan Lee's new MTV Comic "The Seekers" and voting is now open! There have been a lot of questions about the selection process, and as in any creative field, the choices are going to be somewhat subjective. For those wondering, we received a few hundred submissions, and certainly more than the final 20 were very good. In fact, almost double that number were on the cusp.

We looked at entries and judged on basically three merits; grammar, script, and treatment. Grammar was simple, you can write professionally or you can't. Script and treatment were a bit more complex. We'd look at each separately at first and say "Can this writer deliver the kind of script we feel fits Stan's treatment? Is the dialogue natural but engaging? Does the pacing hook us? How are they laying out and disseminating information? Do the characters each have their own voice?" and so on. Then we'd look at the treatment and ask similar questions, but more along the lines of "Do we like arc of the story? Has the writer given each character a clear arc and progression? If the writer introduced new elements do they work within Stan’s vision? Do they have their own vision for the direction of this world Stan has created?" And so on…

After looking at those elements it became easier. Does this writer have the chops and the right vision to bring Stan's story to life? The 20 semi-finalists certainly all have that, and there were some others that did but perhaps were very similar to one of the others that we liked just a tick more for one reason or another.

So as you read these, please judge them not on who your friend is, but who is the writer you think will bring you the comic you’ll be the most excited to read. The top vote-getters will be sent along to Stan on Friday to hand select the winner.

ARTISTS (and those looking to vote for artists): There were not as many submissions for artists as there were for writers, so we’ll be working with Stan to select the best artist from all those who submitted their 5 pages as outlined in the requirements.

We will be announcing the winners at our panel at New York Comic Con with Stan and MTV Comics Executive Editor Tom Akel (winners will be notified before then). So what are you waiting for?  GO VOTE NOW!

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