Rare Artwork and Collectibles Shown at Power-Con/ThunderCon

Do you like to look at toys and artwork you'll probably never own? Well, you're in luck today! At the first annual Power-Con/ThunderCon this past weekend in Los Angeles, a gallery was set up consisting of both original artwork and highly sought-after collectibles from the Masters of the Universe and ThunderCats properties. We'll not bore you with details of the elaborate plans we hatched in our heads for "liberating" those vintage MOTU figure prototypes, and will instead get right into some photos!

One thing is for sure: even though these were test figures, we now want a red Syclone!

Clawful's lost an arm. We're blaming Thunder Punch He-Man for that one...

The 200X series of figures was also represented in prototype form. Just look at Ram-Man's bright pink arms! Also, the completely unpainted translucent blue armor on Ice Armor He-Man looks very interesting. Oh, what could have been...

Speaking of 200X, there was a large variety of artwork by famed MOTU artist Emiliano Santalucia including incredibly detailed comic pages and artwork used for other merchandise such as DVD art for the collections of the vintage Filmation series.

This page was incredibly detailed-- far more than a photograph could bring across. Yet another reason you'll want to attend next year's show!

Slush-Head FTW!

There were also a number of paintings and toy designs from the likes of Earl Norem and the artists at Mattel.

You can't have Megator without Tytus!

While most of the gallery was dedicated to He-Man and his compatriots, the ThunderCats were still represented by their vintage toyline!

We could have easily spent the entire day in the exhibit, staring intently at all of the fantastic toys and artwork, but we had tons more to cover at Power-Con/ThunderCon. Luckily for you, we took far more pictures than this and will have them up in a gallery soon so you can gaze upon such treasures as the Skeletor-shaped AM/FM radio, Princess of Power collections, and lots more!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for more coverage from Power-Con/ThunderCon!