New Comics for 9/28/11: Holy Terror, Habibi, Richard Castle's Deadly Storm - and More!

Seems like this happens every week, but it’s almost new comic books time again – so here are our picks for a week light on must buy floppies, and heavy on long awaited OGNs.

The three most highly anticipated graphic novels of the week? That would be HOLY TERROR, HABIBI, and RICHARD CASTLE’S DEADLY STORM. The first is the long rumored, now finally being released book from Frank Miller which would have, at one time, pit Batman against Osama bin Laden. As it is, it has a stand-in character, a stand-in Catwoman, and, well, a stand-in terrorist organization. Still, it’s the first OGN from Miller in a good long while – and unlike some Batman series I could mention, it’s actually finished.

HABIBI also takes on Middle Eastern topics, also with a little scifi and fantasy mixed in. The big deal though is that like Miller, the writer/artist Craig Thompson hasn’t done any major work since the “give this to a girl if they’re interested in comics” favorite BLANKETS. It’s a gorgeous looking volume, and though it’s been staring at me from my bedside, I can’t wait to crack it open.

And then there’s RICHARD CASTLE’S DEADLY STORM, by Brian Michael Bendis and Kelly Sue DeConnick, which is one of the first major forays into corporate synergy between Marvel and their parent company, Disney. There have been projects before, but this feels like the first big one, and with the popularity of Castle at an all time high, this should be a hit – or at least, a test of how willing TV fans are to venture into a comic book shop.

Okay, on to the comics: DC wraps up their New 52 month with several titles, though we’re most jazzed by three of ‘em. Specifically, ALL STAR WESTERN #1, which brings scarred gun-for-hire Jonah Hex to Gotham City; AQUAMAN #1, which finds Geoff Johns trying to justify why Aquaman is cool (spoiler: he succeeds); and FLASH #1, which has some beautiful art by Francis Manapul.

Over at Marvel, we’re most excited by three titles on the fringe of things. The first is BRILLIANT #1, an original Icon series from Bendis and artist Mark Bagley that tells the story of what happens when some real world smart kids decide to manufacture super-powers. Then Eric Shanower and Skottie Young head back to Oz with some adorable pigs in DOROTHY AND WIZARD IN OZ #1. And CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY #622 has been essential reading ever since Chris Samnee took over art duties.

Other books we’re snagging? ANGEL & FAITH #2 is as smart and engaging as the first issue, and possibly the best thing to come out of the new Buffy continuity. GHOSTBUSTERS #1 is a ton of fun, and accessible even if you’ve never seen the movies. And RACHEL RISING #2 continues Terry Moore’s new strange, surreal series about a dead girl getting up to walk like nothing happened – the best new creator owned series since RASL, easily.

And that’s it! What are you looking forward to, Geeks?