EXCLUSIVE: Lenore's Roman Dirge Gets 'Taxidermied'

You might know Roman Dirge best as the author/illustrator of Lenore, the world’s most lovable (sort of) dead girl, but what you might not know is that he’s also branched out into other areas of art. Some are fine, some… Well, cartoony would be the word.

Whatever aspect of art Dirge is embracing, you can always guarantee that there’s going to be some darkness there. Luckily, he’s just released a collection of his non-Lenore art, Taxidermied, which is a alarmingly beautiful collection of assorted work from Titan Books. And, before you head off to the bookstore, we have a bunch of exclusive images for you to check out. Here’s the official description of the book, then scroll down for the EXCLUSIVE art:

Taxidermied - The Art of Roman Dirge

A stunning full-color celebration of the eye-catchingly original artwork of Lenore creator Roman Dirge. This lavish full color hardback includes an introduction and background information on the imagery by Dirge himself, plus rare and previously unpublished artwork. Showcasing the full range of his unique work in all its morbid glory, this is an unmissable collection for fans of gothic art in the vein of Tim Burton and Emily the Strange.

Roman Dirge created Lenore in 1992 for the San Diego alternative magazine Xenophobe. In 1997 he launched the Lenore comic in the US, with its dark sense of humor and gothic look it quickly became a publishing phenomenon. Currently Roman is working on new Lenore adventures, as well as new character Samurai Sloth.

Taxidermied - The Art of Roman Dirge copyright © 2011 Roman Dirge

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