TMNT's Casey Jones Gets A Very Gritty Fan Film

The original 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and Elias Koteas notwithstanding, Casey Jones: The Movie by Polaris Banks is probably the most spot-on film treatment of the hockey-masked avenger you will ever find. With superior acting, cinematography, and direction, it is more than just another fan film -- but rather something more akin to TMNT as done by Martin Scorsese.

Banks describes his rationale for putting so much time and effort into Casey Jones: The Movie as follows: he "felt obligated to make the movie simply because he knew that nobody else would." In addition to wearing many hats on the production, including director, writer, and editor, he also plays ninja turtle Donatello -- yep, that's right, the turtles themselves are also in the film, as well as April O'Neil in her yellow jumpsuit. The look of Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael are closer to the original movies than the later ones, but are surprisingly good -- and complete with animatronics to bring their facial expressions to life.

But the star of the movie, of course, is Casey Jones himself, played with a gritty intensity by Hilarion Banks. Think Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver, add some ninjas, and you're good to go! The original Casey Jones in TMNT comics and cartoon was a parody of vigilante-type characters popular at the time, with his weapons of choice being an array of deadly sports equipment that he toted around in a golf bag -- and both Banks keep to that vision, but adding more realistic layers as to his motivation to fight crime.

TMNT fans can watch the whole movie at the official website; but a preview is available below:

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