Serve and Protect With The Robocop Figure From NECA

Back in the 80s, when a movie was rated "R" you knew it was for a good reason. One of the best films we managed to sneak our way into during that wonderful decade was Robocop. Why was it rated R? Cause there's a scene in which Officer Murphy gets shot about a billion friggin' times in full frame, that's why! The image of his hand bursting to meat and crimson splatter was burned into our brains as the epitome of Hollywood violence. Then, Kenner brought out a toyline for children. Don't kid yourselves, the 1980s were awesome! Now, a little of that nostalgia has found its way back into our hands in the form of NECA Toys' latest release in their Reel Toys line: Robocop! Is he as cool as the baby-food-eatin' crime stopper we remember? Well, keep reading!

In the ruins of old Detroit, a crime ridden ghetto of the not too distant future, a good cop, Alex J. Murphy, is killed in the line of duty. A team of doctors and scientists are able to piece him back together as an unstoppable crime-fighting force called Robocop. Impervious to bullets and bombs, and equipped with high-tech weaponry, Robocop quickly makes a name for himself by cleaning up the streets of violence ravaged Detroit. Despite his new, metal exterior, Robocop is tormented by fragments of memories of who he used to be. As Robocop discovers his past and the identities of his killers he is out to seek more than justice... he wants revenge!

As usual, NECA has proven their greatest strength lies in sculpting. Robocop looks exactly as he did up on the big screen, throwing down with ED-209 as the crooked heads of O.C.P. looked on in horror. Every detail has been added to the panelwork and stamping on the figure from the OCP POLICE-001 on the side of his visor to the pistons on the back of his calves. As you can see in the photos, this figure looks like Robocop. That in itself means mission accomplished for the NECA team. Also, the visored helmet has been sculpted and applied as a separate piece which gave us the false hope that is was removable. We're hoping that a second release will feature this as an option along with the sweet ass leg holster Officer Murphy utilizes in the film.

The paintwork for Officer Murphy is very accurate to the source material. However, it also suffers from NECA's only downfall: sketchy paint apps. This time, the culprit lies in the linework between the human face and the black chin-plate. while this is a small part of the figure, it is also very jarringly noticeable. Ours was the best out of a case of these figures, with some of them being far, far worse in this one area, so keep that in mind when searching the pegs. The rest of the figure came off without a hitch. a matte black is used for his chinstrap and lower torso while a gloss black has been applied to his forearms, side torso, and neck. The silver finish has been nicely applied with tint that gives a bluish hue around the linework and an almost purple across the chest. It reminds us of color-reflective car paint and that's not a bad thing. This has allowed Robocop to escape from getting too many paint washes to show his detailing (a NECA flaw in the past) and we're glad for it.

When it comes to articulation, this figure of Robocop probably has a larger range of movement than the suit worn for the film. Murphy features a ball-joint neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel forearms, ball-joint torso, swivel waist, ball-joint hips, hinged knees, & hinged ankles. Speaking of the ankles, they're attached to two working pistons on the back of his leg and actuate as the ankles are moved up and down. All of the joints on our figure are tight and hold their position well. Our only real gripe on the articulation is that the elbows could have benefited from a larger range of motion. As it is, we're still pretty sure this figure is even more articulated than his movie counterpart.

Robocop comes packaged with two accessories: an extra hand, and his trusty sidearm. As you can see in the above photo, his data spike snapped off cleanly on the extr ahand. How'd this happen? We touched it. That means we're either we're accidentally unleashing superhuman strength, or it was just shoddy plastic. We'll go with the latter, but hope for the first option. However, his other accessory is made of perfection and badassery: the Auto-9! Unlike the version that came with the McFarlane Toys' Robocop, this sidearm is the correct size, and by "correct" we mean "massive and intimidating to any punks holding a woman hostage before having their junk blown off".

We don't know the logistics with making an in-scale ED-209 figure, but if that is even a remote possibility for NECA, then we implore each and every one of you to go out and buy this toy in order to make that a reality! If you have the earlier McFarlane version, then this guy might be redundant, but how many Robocops are too many Robocops, really? Robocop, along with all of NECA's other fan-favorite properties can be found at Toys "R" Us and other fine brick and mortar stores along with most online retailers now.

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