DC To Light Up December With New 'The Ray' Miniseries

Those guys just brought knives to a photon fight.

Via the Washington Post Comic Riffs blog DC announced that starting in December, they'll begin publishing a new miniseries featuring the light-based superhero, the Ray. The new mini will be written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti with Jamal Igle on art. I bet they are totally releasing it as a mini just so they can keep the New 52 banner for a little while longer.

Anyway, with Gray and Palmiotti at the helm (they previously wrote the Stan Silver incarnation of the hero in Uncle Sam and the Freedom Force), expect a new Ray to be flitting around the DCU dispensing blinding justice--the heretofore unknown Lucian Gates. It's actually an interesting break from the rest of the relaunch, which, for longtime fans, saw the same familiar characters taking up their costumed aliases again. Given the low profile of the character, I'm guessing DC assumes they can start with a clean slate [queue the "Bring Back Stan Silver" blogs... now!]. DC certainly can't be banking on familiarity with the character to bring new readers in, and it's been almost 15 years since the a version of him carried a title, so I'm wondering at this stage what the big pitch is and how DC plans to make it stick (for four months, at least).

If nothing else, the Ray presents a piece of striking visual, so writers and artists have a good deal to play with there.

[Via the Washington Post]

The Ray miniseries will be on shelves beginning in December.

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