'Fear Itself' Friday: Cap Get Your Gun

Cap starts barking orders and even I'm feeling intimidated.

***Spoilers below***

Journey Into Mystery: "So, Mephisto walks into a bar..."

Is Journey Into Mystery coming out biweekly? Because I feel like I either just read or reviewed an issue. Not that I'm complaining, mind you--just curious. We seem to be gifted with the writing of Mr. Gillen of late and that's not at all a bad thing. Issue 628 offers yet another detour on the heels of #627's flashback.

Here, Mephisto takes some time out at an Earth bar in the middle of all of the Fear Itself goings on to unburden himself of some of his recent observations and troubles. In the process, Gillen takes us on a brief tour of Hell and the many devils that run it as well as what passes for an all-encompassing "heaven"--the Infinite Embassy. In both locations,

Behold The Mighty Trons, Guys

This promo image for the lineup of "The Mighty" is a tease for the final issue of Fear Itself, as members of the Avengers get powered up by hybrid Starktech/Asgardian weapons, and get all swagged out in neon piping. I suspect that like the Serpent's hammers, the weapons will seek out the users, perhaps based on an emotion. Hope, maybe? No, the last thing Wolverine inspires in anyone is hope. But in that case, why doesn't Cap get one? Also, interestingly (to me) by contrast to the servants of the Serpent, the majority of the heroes get bladed weapons. That's kind of a cool mean of differentiation, although I have trouble buying Ms. Marvel cutting someone in two.

Fear Itself Book Six and Journey Into Mystery #628 are available now. Fear Itself Book Seven hits October 19.

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