We Check Out the 'Targets' in the Latest Young Justice Episode

Finally, Young Justice is about to start airing new episodes on Cartoon Network! It's been far too long since Aqualad, Robin, Artemis, and the rest of the team have been on our screens, fighting evil and whining about the hardships of growing up...or being a clone.

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"Targets" is the latest episode and sees a peace agreement between North and South Korea Rhelasia being brokered by none other than Lex Luthor. However, a couple of hired assassins have other plans in mind with only Red Arrow reluctantly standing between them and Lex's bald visage. Also, Miss Martian and Superboy go to their first day of school. Yep.

"Targets" was filled with lots of intrigue and action thanks to Red Arrow's investigation into the League of Shadows. Assassination attempts, explosions, and familiar foes help to show why Young Justice far surpasses our expectations when it comes to DC-based animation. The coolest part for us? Red Arrow's briefcase that transformed to reveal his trusty hi-tech compound bow. We're suckers for cool weaponry! Also, we will give away that Cheshire is one of the hired assassins, and it's really fun to see her interact with Red Arrow considering their relationship in the DC Comics (pre-New 52).

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The main story was broken up by the more light-hearted storyline featuring Miss Martian and Superboy. At first this was annoying, but we warmed up to it once Superboy got his Connor Kent alias, especially since he is clueless as to the significance of that particular last name. Also, as their school day unfolded our hearts were filled with nostalgic love thanks to a couple of very Super Friends-era guest appearances. Trust us, you will want to be surprised!

All in all, it was yet another fantastic addition to an already awesome show. The team isn't featured prominently, but if you're fans of Superboy, Miss Martian, or Red Arrow then this will be right up your alley. We were initially worried about accidentally spoiling the ending, but not to worry-- cause we haven't seen it! Nope, our screener copy froze during the last few minutes of "Targets" so we'll be watching right along with you tonight, when WB Animation's Young justice airs on Cartoon Network!

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