We Review 'Scorn of the Star Sapphire!' from Batman: The Brave & The Bold

Batman: The Brave & The Bold is drawing to a close, and we were privileged to get a sneak peek at the latest episode to air on Cartoon Network, "The Scorn of the Star Sapphire"! There are quite a few surprises during this episode, beginning with the opening teaser featuring another DC icon. Join us as we review tonight's episode of Batman: The Brave & The Bold.

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In this episode, Batman mops up crime in Coast City while Hal Jordan tests out his new Ferris Air-built vehicles. During some encounters with Green Lantern-related supervillains, the Star Sapphire shows up to cause trouble for the team of Batman and Hal Jordan. Hilarity and violence ensue.

Below are some random notes we made while watching the show:

-In the teaser, it is made painfully apparent that both Nazi super-soldiers and Steve Trainor need to be stopped at all costs. One from world domination, the other from being a tool.

-Theme music that repeats your name over and over is possibly the best motivator when fighting evil that we've ever seen or heard!

-Why does Batman have Ferris-Air, known for their airplanes, build his car and boat?! Let's see, the Batmobile has a flying mode so that makes sense. As for the boat...well, Batman is very much like a honey badger-- he does whatever the s##t he wants! Bruce probably orders his late-night pizzas from the Gotham City McDonald's cause money can buy a crazy eccentric anything!

-Batman dishes out words of wisdom to Hal Jordan like a late night radio host. Who's he to be giving anyone love tips?! Hell, his most successful relationship is with a feline-centric criminal that spends as much time stealing jewels as she does kicking the crap outta him!

-The writers of Batman: The Brave and The Bold have used the Tattooed Man far more effectively than most of his comic book appearances. It kind of makes us like the guy...for a villain. Also, we need more tattoos.

-Wow, the Star Sapphire's origin story is way simpler and easy to follow than anything we saw in Blackest Night!

-Hal! Don't say it! Don't say it!

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Cryptic and off-putting enough? We really did enjoy the episode and just like the first two seasons, this one is also shaping up to be a ton of fun with plenty of guest stars, action, and WTF moments. Of course, the "Scorn of the star Sapphire" was penned by none other than J. M. DeMatteis, who is no stranger to comedic superhero yarns. Be sure to catch WB Animation's Batman: The Brave & The Bold tonight at 6 eastern time on Cartoon Network!

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