Interview: Producer James Tucker on Batman The Brave and the Bold

Batman: The Brave & The Bold is going out with a bang! With the final episodes are airing on Cartoon Network, a superhero-shaped void will be left in our hearts and our eyes will no longer be able to take in the antics of Batman and his cohorts-- fighting crime and singing songs! MTV Geek was lucky enough to talk with James Tucker, producer and lead character designer on Batman: B&B, about the past and future of our favorite bat-centric cartoon!

MTV Geek: Besides Batman, who's been your favorite character to work on for the show?

James Tucker: Aquaman would be the obvious choice, but the Spectre is one I'm really glad we got the chance to put in, because we never got to do it when I was on Justice League. Typically, the characters we wanted to use but could never figure out how to use on Justice League are the ones that I tend to gravitate towards. But, Aquaman is my favorite character to really answer your question. [Laughs] I'm also glad we finally put Wonder Woman on the show and she'll be in the teaser for this upcoming episode "Scorn of the Star Sapphire".

Geek: Do you have a definitive episode of the series that you can look back to and say,"That sums it all up. That's Batman: Brave & The Bold." ?

Tucker: You know, I think that would be the last episode we did. I think the one that really set the tone for the series and let people know where we were coming from was really the "Legends of the Dark Mite". That kind of told people that this show was about fandom--that this show was about Batman as an icon. It's not about Batman in noir-realistic stories, it's about Batman as a pop culture phenomenon. I think that is the episode that probably set us in context for people.

Geek: Are there any characters or episodes you'd have handled differently if given the chance?

Tucker: By and large, I'm pretty pleased with what we've done. But, I wasn't too crazy about "The Fate of Equinox". That was where we were asked to do a little arc that built up to something and then I don't think the ending was quite satisfying. That's just because we didn't know how cool a villain Equinox actually was turning out to be. You have to be ahead of the game on this type of stuff and sometimes you make decisions without really having any audience reaction to gauge if you're on the right track.

Overall, when it came to our mission statement for the show, we hit the mark usually. We had more hits than misses, I think. [Laughs]

Geek: Are there any story ideas you wish you had the chance to tell before the series ended?

Tucker: There's a really weird one from when I was a kid. Anyone who's read the old Brave & The Bold comics know that they were in their own universe; because, the stuff that happened in those books was really strange, bizarre, and off the chain. There was a story where Batgirl and Wonder Woman are competing for Batman's affections and it was such a goofy story that i always wanted to figure out a way to adapt it, and we just ran out of time on the third season. It would have to have been changed a lot! [Laughs] That story is also where my love of Copperhead came from since that was his first appearance.

Geek: What can fans look forward to from the final episodes?

Tucker: In the third season, we took all of the brakes off the show and said, "What do we want to do?" It's a lot stranger this season-- a lot more surreal. Also a little more humor probably, and with that a lot more action as well. we wanted to bring in the Justice League International, so they'll be a lot more appearances of them. We really liked how their previous appearance worked. It changes the tone from a broad adventure into more of a sitcom-vibe with them, but I think they're great characters and it kind of works for us. I think they'd make a great series unto themselves.

We threw a lot of stuff at the wall to see if it would stick, and there's going to be a few more musical numbers [Laughs] to make people really irritated. The mantra for this whole series was Heart, Humor, and Heroism and I think we really touched all three of those in this final season.

Geek: Are there any projects in development that we should be keeping an eye out for?

Tucker: None that I can talk about. [Laughs]

Geek: A Doom Patrol series, perhaps?

Tucker: That wouldn't be me, but there are other people here who definitely would want that to happen. But, no, I'm not attached to anything like that. I am attached to "things" but I can't talk about them yet.

Well, we tried! Here's a clip for this week's episode as a small condolence prize:

Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Season 3 ep. 14: 'Scorn of the Star Sapphire'

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your coverage of both the Brave AND the Bold!

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