Review: Matty Collector Exclusive JLU 3-Packs

Just when we think we're through with the JLU line of action figures, Mattel keeps pulling us back in! This time it's thanks to a couple of exclusive 3 packs from their collector-based Matty Collector website. Both the original JSA and fan-favorites are represented as the line winds down for the last time. However, are these guys worth your time and money? Read on to see what we think.

As collectors of the JLU line already know, these figures are more for the shelf than for posing. They look like small animation maquettes and move just about as much. Swivels at the head, shoulders, and hips are the only points of articulation here, but their straight appendages don't look all that magnificent beyond the heroic standing pose they come packaged in. The cool part about these packs are the character-diversity and much-needed additions to round out your JLU collections. 4 of the characters are JSA-based, while Adam Strange and Animal Man are both heroes who have strong, but toy-starved, fanbases. all of the figures are constructed in the same fashion as previous retail releases, and their paintwork is clean and well done considering their size and the nature of their source material. By this point, you know what you're getting.

Adam strange, Animal Man, and Starman all have distinct connections to space. Adam Strange is the official hero of planet Rann and has had numerous adventures in the cosmos. Animal Man was exposed to radiation from an alien spacecraft, giving him the ability to absorb the attributes of any animal on Earth and use them for his adventures. Starman created the "Cosmic Rod" which collects stellar energy and allows him to fly and manipulate gravity on Earth and beyond.

Jay Garrick gained his powers as the Flash when he inhaled the hyper-charged atoms of a radioactive liquid. Alan Scott became Green Lantern when he found a piece of the alien "Starheart" in the form of a green metal lantern. he fashioned a ring that allowed him to create objects and constructs out fo solid green light. Carter Hall was an archeologist and reincarnated spirit of the Egyptian Prince Khufu. He created a belt and wings using Nth Metal, and anti-gravity alloy, and became the legendary Hawkman! All three became charter members of the first Justice Society of America.

These 3-packs go on sale September 15th, only on the Matty Collector website. The sale starts at noon eastern time, so clear your schedule and make time to snatch up these JLU packs before they're gone! If you're a collector of these characters or the JLU line in general, this will most likely be your one and only chance for these animated-style heroes.

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