This R2D2 Wannabe Is Real-Life A Medical 'Bot!

R2D2?! Nevermind it’s not R2, but it sure does look like him doesn’t it? It’s definitely the closest thing we’ve got to a real-life R2D2 and the best part is this crazy little medical robot may be spending some time with you next time you have to visit the doctor’s office. YAY! Robot nurses!

Okay so it probably won’t be there the next time you go see the doctor, but this guy is very real and one day could be helping doctors and patients in hospitals and nursing homes. Its name is ED-7270 (yea, not even close) and unlike R2D2 the astromech droid, this guy can’t  co-pilot your starship. What it can do is constantly update the hospital on patients’ vitals and communicate with them directly. For example, if grandma is being stubborn and won’t take her meds ED-7270 will remind her so the doctors and nurses don’t have to.

Emotions are displayed on a dot matrix on the head and the bot is currently hard at work in hospitals and nursing homes in Australia as part of a pilot program. Sadly he doesn’t have a gold sidekick to help out with the translations, but he is pretty advanced and we’re hoping things go well so we can see more of these guys roaming the hospital halls. You can learn more about the bot and its impressive features over at AT&D Korea.

[Advanced Technology Korea]

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