FUNimation Marks 15 Years 'Dragon Ball Z' in the U.S.

Delivering screaming anime fireballs in the U.S. for a decade and a half.

In my experience, the people I know came to the animated incarnation of Dragon Ball Z in one of two ways: either through battered VHS tapes of the episodes as they were released near the beginning of the decade or through Cartoon Network's defunct Toonami block (former home to the deliriously weird Big O and the criminally forgotten Outlaw Star). Today marks the 15th anniversary of the show here in the U.S.--first as part of the nexus of Pioneer/Geneon properties and later as proper releases via FUNimation.

It still astonishes me that what was at that point a late 80's show about guys screaming at each other across empty fields (DBZ originally made its premiere in '89) would be such a hit.*

The latter is celebrating the anniversary on their site with a series of interviews with the voice of Krillin, Sonny Strait, as well as a bunch of other coverage leading up to the November 8 Blu-ray release of Dragon Ball Z: Level 1.1. Here's some of their planned coverage:

As we are feeling nostalgic, from now throughout the course of the release of the upcoming Dragon Ball Z on Blu-ray (Level 1.1 is coming on November 8, 2011) we will be bringing you a look at the series throughout the years: interviews with staff who have been with the series since the start, interviews with actors, behind-the-scenes tales, and a peeks into the FUNimation archives including the very first script, photos and more.

*Yeah, I'm being a jerk here--the show has a lot of interesting character dynamics and interpersonal intrigue. The level of filler in each episode was always a little tough to get around, though.

Dragon Ball Z: Level 1.1 hits Blu-ray on November 8.

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