Construction Continues on The Hall of Justice with Young Justice Series 2!

Young justice is about to begin airing new episodes on Cartoon Network, and what better way to celebrate that than by filling your pockets with the latest series of 4" action figures from Mattel's YJ line?! There are four more figures this time around, so we're now that much closer to building the massive Hall of Justice display. Mattel has made sure to space out the main characters throughout each wave in order to keep up interest. How did Young Justice Wave 2 measure up? Read on to find out!

These figures follow the same formula as the previous wave and the popular JLU line. In short, that means having animation-accurate sculpts, five points of articulation (ball-joint neck, swivel shoulders, and swivel hips), and the ability to look good on a shelf. The paint apps are clean for figure this size, and that means a lot in the cases of Superboy and Captain Atom since they use the familiar body buck that's only distinguishable by the paint itself. Also like wave 1, these figures aren't gonna win any poseability contests (of which we are sure there are many) dues to the maquette-like sculpts. Luckily, if you want your heroes to move around, there's always the 6" deluxe line.


Project Cadmus used Superman's D.N.A. (without his knowledge or consent) to create the Superboy. Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash discovered and freed Superboy from Project Kr, forging a team as they fought their way out of Cadmus.

Black Canary

Dinah Lance, daughter of the original Black Canary, trained with many of her mother's friends and super hero peers. Now, she's the new Black Canary, passing down the martial arts skills she learned to train the young heroes of the team.

Captain Atom

After U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and military intelligence officer Captain Nathaniel Adam was framed for crimes he hadn't committed, he volunteered for a top-secret government experiment in exchange for a pardon. The end result: the quantum hero Captain Atom!

Vandal Savage

A Cro-Magnon born fifty thousand years ago, Vandal Savage was exposed to unknown radiation from a meteorite. Now, he doesn't age, never gets sick, and heals rapidly. a virtual immortal, Savage has learned patience, making him even more dangerous.

As you can clearly see, our Hall of Justice is almost complete. Unlike last time, this wave's accessories don't all connect to the current pieces we have so they'll just have to stay scattered in the floor for a while longer.

While these figures have been spot-on when it comes to the look of the show AND feature a wide character selection, we hope the line continues so we can see single-carded versions of Miss Martian, Artemis, and Bane. Look for series 2 on shelves at your local retailer now, and for more info on Mattel and it's collector lines be sure to check out the Matty Collector website and official Facebook page. Also, don't forget: WB Animation's Young Justice airs Fridays on Cartoon Network!

Of course, if you'd rather just WIN the entire set of Young Justice figures, then click here for details on our twitter giveaway!

And why stop there? Here's a preview of this week's episode of the Young Justice animated series. We're just full of generosity today!

Young Justice, Season 1 ep. 10: 'Targets'

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