Exclusive Sneak Peek: New Magic The Gathering Innistrad Card Revealed

The release of Magic: The Gathering's latest set, Innistrad, is quickly approaching on September 30th, and this one is all about returns. The release marks a thematic return, with gothic horror making its way into Magic for the first time since 1995's Homelands. It also marks a major return to the design team, with original Magic designer Richard Garfield joining the ranks after a 15 year absence.

New mechanics embrace the horror theme, the most noteworthy being the 'transform' ability that uses double-sided cards. Often representing the day/night representations of vampire and werewolf creatures, all transforming cards have a set list of conditions or costs that must be met in order to flip a card to its powerful alternate side. Several of these double-sided cards are featured on Wizards of the Coast's Innistrad mechanics blog.

For a sneak preview of the dark creatures awaiting you in Innistrad, check out the Falkenrath Noble, shown here are MTV Geek for the first time:

If you just can't wait until September 30th for the full set release, check your local hobby gaming store for pre-release events running throughout the weekend starting September 24th.