Bat Signal Flashlight Probably Won't Summon Batman

The brave souls of the Gotham City Police Department are usually the ones to set off the Bat Signal when nut jobs out of Arkham start raising hell, but wouldn’t it be safer for everyone if they had their own personal Bat Signal?

I’m sure Batman has plenty to handle as it is, but this Bat Signal keychain flashlight could definitely help out if you find yourself in need of the Dark Knight’s assistance. It's shaped just like the Batarangs we saw in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and I would have to imagine just the presence of such a device would send shivers down the spine of any would-be criminal.

Okay, it probably won’t help you out at all and would actually be one of the worst choices when it comes to a call for help, but it’s definitely the coolest keychain flashlight we’ve seen in awhile. It’s made of die-cast metal and you can grab one from ThinkGeek for about $25.

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