10 Awesome Domo Products From Around The Web!

Domo is a lovable, brown monster that began life as a mascot for Japanese TV network NHK in 1998. Since then the toothy hatchling has gained global popularity and has been immortalized on on everything from t-shirts to golf ball markers.

Even Dark Horse has jumped in on the Domo action with a ton of limited edition collectibles and there's so much Domo stuff out there we thought it would be fun to put together a list of 10 awesome Domo products available around the web. Head past to the break to see what found!

Domo Qee Wood Grain Figure

Dark Horse Deluxe and Hong Kong’s Toy2R have teamed up to bring Domo lovers some awesome collectibles and this ultra-limited wood grain figure is one of our favorites. It stands 7” tall and 500 hundred of them were made. Head over to TFAW.com to pick one up for $54.

Domo Rawr Wars T-Shirt

There are a lot of Domo t-shirts out there, but this one has Domo sporting Chewbacca’s bandolier and it doesn’t get any better than that. You can grab this Star Wars themed Domo tee from ThinkGeek for about $18.

Domo Plush Hat

Winter is just around the corner and you’ll need something to keep that noggin warm. We suggest this Domo plush hat -- it might not keep your ears very warm, but you’ll be looking good. Pick one up from ThinkGeek for $20.

Domo Big Nerd T-Shirt

Here’s another t-shirt we just couldn’t leave out. Domo has never looked as good as he does with those awesome glasses on and AllAboardToys.com will set you up with one of these nerdy tees for about $15.

Domo Playing Cards

Sometimes there’s nothing better than friendly game of poker with friends. Let Domo in on the high rollin’ action with a set of Domo playing cards. Each card features a different image of Domo and you can grab a deck for about $6 at NeatoShop.com.

Domo Golf Ball Marker and Hat Clip

I never knew Domo was a golfer, but for $5 you snag a Domo golf Ball marker from AllAboardToys.com. It features Domo with golf club in hand and the hat clip will keep your mark handy while you tear up the greens.

Domo Lunch Box

This shiny lunchbox was born out of collaboration between Dark Horse Deluxe and Hong Kong’s Toy2R. As long as you only put apples in it you shouldn’t have any problems. Get your own for $13.50 at TFAW.com.

Domo in the World

This photo book recently published by Abrams follows the adventures of a plush Domo through all sorts of special occasions and seasons, and each photo is paired up with a humorous Haiku. If you head over to AbramsBooks.com you can get the ultimate Domo coffee table book for $13.

Domo Nerd Plush

Looking for something to match the Domo nerd t-shirt you just fell in love with? This Domo Nerd Plush stands 6-inches tall and rocks the same taped glasses Domo’s wearing on the Big Nerd t-shirt. You can add it to your Domo shrine for $11 if you head over to ToyWiz.com.

Domo Qee Rusty Figure

We absolutely love the scrap metal look of this figure from Dark Horse Deluxe and Toy2R. It stands 2-inches tall and looks like it’s been pieced together with metal pulled out of the junkyard. This little guy will set you back just hair over $8 at TFAW.com and would be a perfect addition to the hoard of geeky figures cluttering your desk.

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