Young Justice: These Interviews Reveal More Than a Few Secrets for Season 2

Young Justice is about to start it's new season very soon on Cartoon Network, and we are very excited to see what's coming up. In our opinion, YJ is second only to ThunderCats when it comes to current American animated series, and takes top spot over previous beloved DC animated shows (Scream at us in the comments section JLU fans!). The character interactions, dynamic stories, and big-name guest appearances have made Young Justice into a show that is not to be missed. In honor of the upcoming season, we've put together some of our videos from this year's San Diego Comic Con to satiate your appetites of teens in tights. Wait, that sounded creepier than we meant it to...

Danica McKellar voices Miss Martian, Martian Manhunter's niece, in the Young Justice cartoon. For those of you that have seen the show, you know there's definitely a connection between her and Superboy that develops early on. Here's a video of Danica talking a little about a kiss shared between the two characters... and the voice actors as well.

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Next up we have Greg Weisman, a producer on Young Justice, talking about some of the upcoming episodes and cameos. Of course, it's mostly hints but we bet you can guess a few...

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Phil Bourassa is the Lead Character Designer for Young Justice. That means, he's the one to thank for giving Kid Flash that sweat stealth costume and therefore, is The Man. In this video, he talks to MTV Geek about walking the fine line between classic and updated looks.

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Lastly, Brandon Vietti, another producer on Young Justice, gives us some insight into their intended lesson for kids that watch the show. That's right, it's not just batarangs of heat vision; there's also a message: Listen to Batman, so you don't get your face kicked in.

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Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Warner Bros. Animation and Young Justic coverage!

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