Dragon-Con 2011: Movie and TV Cosplay!

While comic books and fantasy characters made up a fair amount of the costumes at this year's Dragon-Con, movies and television also played a huge role. Of course, there tends to be a crossover with comic book-based movies, but the looks are generally so different that it's almost like a different character completely. Here's a look at some of our favorite movie and TV-based costumes from the show!

Edward Scissorhands pretty much stood stationary most of the time he was around due to people asking to photograph him non-stop. However, he never gave anyone a haircut or trimmed any hedges, so we have to question his dedication to the role.

We found Gumby roaming the hotels as he was looking for trouble and women-- just like we always remembered him.

Wilfred has quickly become one of our favorite TV shows, and this guy really played the part. Obviously, Bear has no shame.

OOOHHHH, YYYEEEAAAHH!!! The sorely missed and never forgotten Randy "Macho Man" Savage was the subject of a few fan's costumes, but this one seemed the most authentic to the unrivaled glitz of the classic Superstar. We'd kill for those sunglasses!

Nolan-era Batman villains were well represented by this trio. Not only was the makeup on this Heath Ledger Joker far more accurate than most, this was the only movie-version of Scarecrow that we spotted.

Honestly, we can't be 100 percent certain that this isn't actually Hancock who's torn through the fabric of reality itself to attend Dragon-Con. His heroics were relegated to holding the door open for people, but sometimes it's the little things that make the most difference.

An Arc Reactor and a suit = instant costume! Appropriately, this Tony Stark was on his way to the bar.

Speaking of Iron Man-related costumes, this Whiplash one was very well done. His whips could be turned off and on, and his hair was just as crazy and off putting as Mickey Rourke's.

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