Dragon-Con 2011: DC Comics Cosplay Photos

With all of the talk about the New 52 and the updating of costumes, it seems the attendees at this year's Dragon-C are keeping it old school. In fact, some of them are keeping it so old, it's Victorian! While Superman was practically around every corner, we managed to snap a few DC characters that were few and far between-- except for Wonder Woman, but we had to have a Wonder Woman, right?

Admittedly, we were only able to name 7 of the Victorian-era batman Rogues in this group, to which they took us to task. Harley and Joker are obvious, can you name the rest?

Here's a closer shot of the Victorian Mad Hatter. Thanks to the current Alice in Wonderland resurgence, a costume like this is probably a little easier to come by.

This John Henry Irons costume was really impressive in person and the chromed accent pieces made him pop out from the rest of the crowd around the con.

Sure there were tons and tons (and tons) of Zatannas distracting us at the show, but this one made the cut since she happened to appear right in front of us just as we were needing to photograph another superhero-- like magic... or luck.

This was the only Green arrow we saw based on the Smallville/New 52 look. The best part of his costume? That badass boxing glove arrow in his quiver, of course!

Poison Ivy's costume was very well done and was made of individual vinyl leaves. She didn't try to seduce us in order to commit a crime though, so we have to question here dedication to the character.

While this Steampunk Green Lantern costume is good, it's that prop lantern that makes it great!

While she lacked heavily in the obesity department, this Penguin cosplay still manages to work. Her umbrella had a black and white spiral painted on it and she made her way through the foyer spinning it around and surely hypnotizing and/or inducing seizures in everyone she passed.

Whether he's dressed as Wally or Barry, we're not sure. Looks like a mix of both, but either way he's probably a troublemaker. Time travel is delicate you scarlet fool!

Static Shock was at Dragon-Con. We wish he'd show up on Young Justice...

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