WizKids Previews HeroClix Superman Set

DC Comics may have rebooted all of their titles, but you can still create your own battles using Superman and a related cast of characters spanning over 70 years of the publisher's history. WizKids is preparing to release a new HeroClix set focused around the Man of Steel on September 28th.

Over 50 characters will be pulled from such popular story lines as All-Star Superman, World of New Krypton, Legion of Super Heroes, Flashpoint, and more. Fans can look forward to appearances by favorites: Superman, Flash, Lex Luthor, Zod, Swamp Thing, and Lobo. There are also some unexpected inclusions such as Composite Superman and Manhunter Grandmaster.

There's also a big change to the traditional "Buy It By The Brick" chase figure promotion that has been running in HeroClix sets since 2006. Instead of a mail-away ticket for one special character being hidden in each "brick" (a box of booster packs), the actual character model will be randomly included in a pack. This time around, HeroClix fans will be getting a Robot Superman variant as their chase figure.

For more previews, WizKids will be showing off figures from the set throughout the lead-up to launch day. Keep an eye on their Superman HeroClix feed or their Facebook page for all of the information. Also launching on September 28th will be a line of Halo HeroClix, followed by future releases such as an Incredible Hulk set and a set themed around the band Iron Maiden.

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