Dragon-Con Day 1: Cosplay Round-Up

They're the best they are at what they do, and what they do is: make costumes! Dragon Con really kicks into high gear on Saturday morning thanks to the 10th Anniversary Parade, but many a fan was already representing their favorite characters to the fullest during Friday's show. Below you'll find some of our favorites... lots of them.

How awesome is this Lego costume?! Sorry guy, but we're stealing this idea for ourselves!

Love blossoms in the unlikeliest of places here at Dragon Con!

We tried and tried, but couldn't talk this guy into jumping over the railing. Guess he's not really Spider-Man after all...

Cheetara was the only ThunderCats member we spied thus far.

Not the only zombie at the show, just the best!

Here are a couple shots of a great costume from Fooly Cooly (FLCL).

The Gods have even made time for Dragon Con! Must be all the easily attainable mead...

No description necessary.

This Xenomorph costume seemed both complicated AND sweaty to wear. Luckily, it looks amazing.

We blame Gandalf's robust appearance on his love of sugary soft drinks.

This photo was taken right before Phoenix got pissed at her boyfriend and murdered an alien planet. Great costume though...

Speaking of troubled couples, here are spot-on versions of Vision and Scarlet Witch.

Here's Superman in both Kingdom Come and Returns varieties. We wanted to find out who was tougher, but they refused to fight to the death.

See? Somebody liked that movie!

Kids these days are all growing sweet 'staches and kicking turtle shells. We blame the education system... and plumbers.

We were way more impressed before we realized she was wearing a bald cap. Still, there were a lot of Star Wars costumes and these two pulled the look off better than most.

Of course, this Republic Commando getup (with blue l.e.d.s in the visor) gave them a run for their money.

Not wasting any time, the New 52 has already started creeping into fan's costume rotations like the new Red Robin look seen above.

We're gonna stop with this guy, who proves that you don't need a lot of money to make something interesting. Just a few cardboard boxes and some paint and this became a showstopper!

Don't worry people, as this was just a small taste of the cosplay antics here at Dragon Con! Over the next few days, we'll be posting up about all your fan-favorite themes from Steampunk to Masters of the Universe. (I glimpsed He-Man and Orko but they disappeared into an elevator before i could steal their soul....errr, I mean "take their picture".

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Dragon Con coverage!

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