T-Pain Joins the Fifth Season Premiere of 'Squidbillies'

Will the oft-Auto-Tuned rapper teach Early about that thar hippity hop? Also: fans of the show are getting a free album!

I just got to add the tags "T-Pain" and "Squidbillies" to the same post.

Minor personal accomplishments aside, the September 11th premiere of the fifth season of Squidbillies has the much modulated rapper playing himself joining the Culyer patriarch, Early in some manner of musical collaboration called “(I Like) Driving In My Truck.” This isn't the rapper's first time voicing a character on Adult Swim: last year he lent his pipes to Freaknik: The Musical, a too-short special about the return of the famed Southern summer party/music festival. Back in July, Squidbillies creator Dave Willis told MTV Geek about what a huge fan T-Pain was of Adult Swim and the relatively painless process of drafting him into an episode of the show:

T-Pain is a huge Adult Swim fan and he lives [laughs] down the road a piece. No, he lives up in Cobb County or something. But he’s going to be in an episode this season and it was one of those things where someone knew him in the building and he’s a huge Adult Swim fan. So we just called his people and were like, “Yeah, alright, come on in!”

Additionally, throughout the season, Adult Swim will be releasing free tracks from the Squidbillies album, MUSIC FOR AMERICANS ONLY MADE BY AMERICANS IN CHINA FOR AMERICANS ONLY GOD BLESS AMERICA, U.S.A. at adultswim.com/music because "Early Cuyler knows people are stealing music anyway so we might as well make it easier for them."

The Squidbillies' fifth season premiere airs Sunday, September 11th at 11:45 PM on Adult Swim.

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