Pillow TV Remote: Because We're Not Lazy Enough

It happens everyday -- the TV remote is once again MIA and our teardown of the couch begins. Thankfully, Brookstone has a solution to the primetime scavenger hunt in the form of a Pillow Remote Control.

It looks and feels just like the pillows currently lining our favorite spot on the couch, but there’s one major difference -- a built-in 6-in-one universal remote control. TVs, stereos, cable boxes, Blu-ray players and any other home theater component will obey commands from the pillow, and with 500 remote control codes onboard setup should be a breeze.

At first glance our concern was accidentally changing the channel, letting SpongeBob interrupt right when Morgan Freeman was about to reveal the secrets of the universe, but after 60 seconds of downtime the Pillow Remote will automatically become inactive.

The $40 price tag seems a little steep in my opinion, but there’s no denying it could make a great gift. Head over to the Brookstone website and check it out if you’re feeling exceptionally lazy these days. Don’t forget the 2 AAA batteries they forgot to include.

[via technabob]

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