'Adventure Time' Is Finally Coming To DVD... Or At Least 12 Episodes Are

Twelve 11-minute episodes mark the first DVD release of the Cartoon Network favorite series.

What time is it? Time to get your first Adventure Time DVD, apparently. For those of you who love the show or simply want to check it out in one chunk without dealing with those pesky online services like iTunes or Amazon, Cartoon Network is releasing a disc-based version with a handful of episodes on September 27th under the title, "My Two Favorite People."

The disc will contain the following episodes:

My Two Favorite People


Ricardio The Heart Guy

Trouble in Lumpy Space

Tree Trunks


The Pods

The Limit

Go With Me

The Eyes

The Chamber of the Frozen Blades

To Cut A Woman's Hair

Not a bad episode in the batch, but the selection is a mix pulled from the first two seasons as part of Cartoon Network's continued commitment to drip-feed releases. C'mon, guys, we can get the full seasons through download services, why not on disc? What the what?

Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People will be on DVD September 27th. You can buy complete seasons via iTunes and Amazon.

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