Astronomers Have Discovered A Diamond Planet!

According to a new report from Reuters scientists have discovered what appears to be a diamond planet. Sadly we won’t be able to get our grubby fingers on it anytime soon as it’s located some 4,000 light years away.

Apparently the alien planet, which is about 5 times the size of Earth, is far denser than any other planet we’ve ever discovered and is largely composed of carbon. The fact that it is so dense has led researchers to believe that the carbon must be in crystalline form, making a large portion of it diamond.

The planet orbits a tiny pulsar star with a radius smaller than that of our own sun and is said to be similar in mass to Jupiter. However, its 20 times as dense as the giant, gas planet and may be the leftovers from a once massive star that has since been stripped of its outer layers by the rapidly spinning pulsar star it orbits.

No one is really sure what exactly the planet may look like, but those speculating say it probably doesn’t look like a giant diamond floating around in space. Until we have a spaceship capable of warp speed we may just have to guess.

[via Reuters]

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