Over 100 Comic Book Retailers Launch ComiXology-Powered Digital Storefronts Today!

The argument over print or digital comics rages on, but comiXology and ICv2 are stepping up to try and bring local comic shops into the digital age with the Retailer Digital Storefronts Program, officially launching today.

Originally announced in January, the new collaboration gives brick-and-mortar comic shops the chance to profit from the sale of digital comics through their websites, while still distributing print issues in-store.

Over 100 retailers taking part in the program have deployed comiXology-powered stores and readers that give fans can access to books from top publishers -- including DC Comics, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite and many more --  through the retailer’s website. Also, to coincide with DC’s upcoming relaunch, participating retailers will be able to sell the “New 52” the same day print issues hit shelves.

“These retailers have put their trust in us from day one and we’re excited to make good on our commitment to bring them into the vibrant digital marketplace leveraging comiXology’s technology as a backbone for their success,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “We have been working hard with our retail and publishing partners to make this program a reality for the benefit of the comic industry and take pride in starting to see it come to fruition.  We look forward to continuing on this important initiative and celebrating its success with all our partners.”

It’s a win-win situation for fans, publishers and retailers alike. Publishers get wider availability on the web, long-time fans and newcomers get access to comic books in whichever format they prefer, and retailers have the opportunity to create a new revenue stream.

“Our deployment with comiXology as part of its Digital Storefront program for retailers marks the beginning of our introduction into the digital comic book world, which we believe will open up new revenue streams while strengthening our relationship with publishers and consumers,” said Chris Niles of Legacy Comics. “From the adoption of its Retailer Tools and Pull List services, we’ve taken a long journey with comiXology into the digital marketplace which culminated with the deployment of a comiXology-powered digital storefront and reader – making us one-stop shop for both print and digital comics.”

How do you feel about the new Retailer Digital Storefronts Program? Will you purchase digital titles from your favorite comic book shop, or just stick to print issues? Hit the comments section below and share your thoughts!

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