New Comic Bio Based On Hunger Games Author Announced

A new biographical comic based on the life of "The Hunger Games" book author Suzanne Collins has been announced by Bluewater Productions. Entitled "FAME: Suzanne Collins," the comic hits stands in November and covers the life of the author from her beginnings as a writer for the kid's show "Clarissa Explains It All" to the mega-selling writer of The Hunger Games franchise of books. Take a first look at the cover below, and then read on for more information!

Press Release:


Writer Suzanne Collins has been following the traditions of J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer and that is getting young adult readers excited to read and Bluewater Comics is excited that now fans of Collins will be able to read about her life with the upcoming bio-comic “Fame: Suzanne Collins.”

Collins had made her mark as a writer on the Emmy-nominated hit “Clarissa Explains It all” (starring a young Melissa Joan Hart) and “Clifford's Puppy Days,” but ultimately found herself in the literary world where she authored the popular the “Hunger Games.”

“Fame: Suzanne Collins” explains her interest in writing and how she began writing “Hunger Games” and is written by Sara Gundell with art by Niño Harn Cajayon and Joe Phillips providing the cover art.

“Suzanne Collins has already wowed legions of fans with her 'Hunger Games' books, yet most know very little about the woman herself,” said Gundell. “With the movie version of 'The Hunger Games' coming out next year, it seemed only fitting to share her story with fans.” Darren Davis, president of Bluewater Comics, said he is excited to promote the story of a person who makes reading fun for kids.

“Bluewater is constantly reaching out to libraries and school systems because we thinking reading is incredibly important,” said Davis. “I learned how to read by reading comic books and for us to make a comic to share the life of person like Suzanne Collins is what we are about.”

“It's fascinating to see how Collins' own life helped influence and shape the books that would one day make her famous the world over,” said Gundell. “With 'The Hunger Games' movie coming out in 2012, her following is only going to grow. “

Davis went on to praise Gundell's writing and said she captured the life of someone “who tells great stories.” He described Cajayon's artistry as “rich and textured” and able to give life to Gundell's work.

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