Kreatworks' Steampunk Hellboy Sculpture Is Massive!

Looks like Kreatworks of Bangkok, Thailand has been pretty busy since the last time we checked their Etsy page. The Jack Sparrow sculpture we talked about in May has been sold and now that it’s gone they’ve got a new sculpture aimed straight at comic book nerds -- Steampunk Hellboy.

Just like their massive Sparrow sculpture this sculpture of Red is made out of old, useless car and machine parts snagged from the scrap yard. It stands about 7.5-feet tall and all the metal weighs about 800 pounds. To ensure the piece doesn’t rust when it meets the rains they’ve coated it in lacquer.

If you want to take this scrap metal Hellboy home it’s not going to be cheap. The purchase price for Steampunk Hellboy comes in just under $7,000 and that doesn't include the surely outrageous price of shipping it from Thailand.

If Hellboy isn’t the scrap metal character you’re looking for Kreatworks also has a sweet Robocop sculpture you could take a look at. Just like the others, this sucker is big, heavy and expensive.

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