Jazwares Puts the Adventure Time... in Your Pocket?!

What time is it?! Oh flip, it's Adventure Time! We told you guys a few weeks ago about Jazwares snatching up the license for Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, and now we've got info and pics on the entire first wave of toys-- from action figures to Finn's Golden Sword! We're so blown away (and lazy) that we'll just get right into all of the info, straight from Jazwares and be prepared to shield your eyes from the onslaught of awesome photos.

Adventure Time 2-Inch Collectible Packs:

Now you can re-create your favorite scenes from Adventure Time with the Adventure Time 2-Inch Collectible Packs Assortment. Each collectible pack has two 2-inch figures and includes your favorite characters from the show!

(Each pack sold separately).

Packs include:

-Finn & Ice King

-Finn & Marceline

-Jake & Lumpy Space Princess

-Finn & Jake

Adventure Time 5-Inch Action Figure Assortment:

Set out for adventure with Jake and Finn with the Adventure Time 5-Inch Action Figure Assortment featuring Finn and Jake. Five inch Finn comes complete with his sword to help slay evil, while 5-inch Jake comes with an extra fist accessory and a lenticular beemo. What time is it? Adventure Time!

Adventure Time 10-Inch Super Poseable Finn with Changing Faces:

Bring Finn to life with the Adventure Time 10-Inch Deluxe Poseable Finn with Changing Faces! Watch as his facial expressions change up to four different emotions while you flex and pose him! A must have for every adventure seeking Finn enthusiast – mathematical!

Adventure Time 10-Inch Plush Assortment:

Now you can take Jake and Finn with you on all of your adventures, whether its saving princesses or fighting evil monsters, with the Adventure Time 10-Inch Plush Assortment featuring fan favorites including 10-inch Jake and 10-inch Finn. Jake’s arms wrap around his body and Velcro to his back depicting his telescoping powers, and 10-inch Finn.

Adventure Time 20-Inch Slamacows:

Bring your favorite Adventure Time characters to life like never before with the Adventure Time 20-Inch Slamacows! Available as 20-inch Jake and 20-inch Finn, simply ‘slam’ the plush together and hear fan favorite sayings from the TV show!

Adventure Time Grow Your Own Assortment:

Grow your own Jake and Finn right from home with the Adventure Time Grow Your Own Assortment. Just place in water and watch as Jake and Finn grow over 500%!

Adventure Time 24-Inch Finn Sword:

Help Finn slay evil in the Land of Ooo with the Adventure Time 24-Inch Sword!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Jazwares and Adventure Time coverage!

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