Jakks Pacific Brings Some Real Steel to the Toy Aisle!

Wolverine trains a robot to box. That in a nutshell is the plot of Dreamworks' upcoming film Reel Steel, and that's plenty for us! Sure, Hugh Jackman is playing an ex-boxer in the film, but now when we see him in a movie we can't help but hope he'll end up popping some claws and going on a rampage. While Jakks Pacific hasn't released any news on toys of the human characters from the film, there are gonna be lots of robots and here are some pics and info straight from Jakks themselves!

This October, DreamWorks is releasing Real Steel, a future-set story starring Hugh Jackman and Evangeline Lily where robot boxing is a popular sport. In conjunction with the film’s release, JAKKS is launching a diverse and innovative product line, hitting upon multiple play patterns to give kids control over the fighting action. Real Steel toys hit retailers Sept. 1.

Real Steel fans can relive battles from the hit movie at home with the Real Steel 5” Basic Robot Assortment that features 10 articulated robots with a light up chest cavity. Using QuickSwitch Technology™, Real Steel 5” Basic Robot limbs and accessories are interchangeable and allow you to customize and create the ideal robot to size up for any type of battle. Each robot sold separately. (SRP $8.99)

The larger Real Steel 7.5” DLX Robot Assortment showcases a full range of hero robots straight from the film, each with a trigger-activated, signature action move. These highly articulated fighting bots are perfect for collecting and battling against your friend’s robots. (SRP $14.99) Take them to the ring to face-off in the ultimate battle.

The 10”x10” Build n’ Battle Set features a 5” Basic Atom hero Robot with three extra sets of arms and an extra set of legs for battle. Customize your robot with interchangeable fists, arms and legs. Control your robot’s right jab and left jab while preparing for lots of spring-loaded carnage. Pieces work with all 5” basic figure robots. A carrying case is also included. (SRP $19.99) WRB Main Event Ring is sized to fit your favorite 7.5” robot. Tap on the mat to activate cheers from the crowd, battle sounds, phrases from the movie and more! (SRP $29.99) Ages 6+

WRB Battle Champions Game is not your average game. Control your robot with the goal of destroying your opponent in this interactive, high-tech fighting game. The 6” Zeus and Atom bots are included along with 180 degree-swivel controls. Strategize and try to guess your opponents move in order to win. Left jab and right jab your way to victory. Each robot features removable parts, and with the right moves, you can break apart your opposing robot. Rebuild again and continue practicing for the next fight! (SRP $29.99) Ages 6+

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