Man of a Thousand (or Three) Faces: MOTUC Man-E-Faces Review

Man-E-Faces has been a long time coming! It seems like he has been high on most fan's lists since the line's inception, and he's finally almost here! We snagged our review copy and took him outside for some nice summer sunshine. Too bad for him that Battle Armor Faker decided he was ready for a stroll as well. welcome to our review of Man-E-Faces from Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics line of figures!

Perhaps the greatest actor on Eternia, Perkaedo, the Master of Disguise, performed before King Randor and Queen Marlena at Prince Adam's 18th birthday celebration. It was here that he drank a magic potion, created by Skeletor, that transformed him into a terrible monster with great strength loyal only to evil. With the help of He-Man and the Sorceress, Perkaedo was cured from this transformation, but the process left him forever split between not just two but three personalities. He now uses his powers to protect justice in his greatest role: as Man-E-Faces, the man who is three warriors in one-- fighting as a human, robot, or monster!

Man-E-Faces shares most of his sculpt with previously released MOTUC figures. Perkaedo and Trap-Jaw obviously shop at the same store when it comes to clothes. The new parts on this figure center solely on his headgear. The harness that holds his multi-faceted personality has straps that crisscross Man-E-Face's chest to help support his huge noggin. The 3 faces themselves are very well done and completely invoke the nostalgic look of the original. Why does he have a robot face? Who knows, but it looks pretty friggin' cool!

Like the vintage figure, Man-E-Faces has a strange paint scheme that still manages to work thanks to the insanity of the MOTU concept. Normally, a guy sporting blue and purple bondage gear would look out of place, but that's not quite the case in a world populated with Muppet-browed crabs and giant, sentient bees. As for his skin color, there was a poll after this year's Toy Fair for fans to decided the shade they preferred-- orange (like the vintage toy), beige (like the vintage cross-sell art), or a mix. The fans spoke, and their choice was for the compromise of the mixed color. As it turns out, this looks a lot more like regular skin color than we expected and works out nicely. However, the paint on the arms and hands is thick and isn't quite as shaded and cool looking as that of his bare chest. When it comes to the faces, it goes from okay to spectacular. The human face is fine, but plain. The robot face has a nice gloss to it, and the monster face is fantastic! The monstrous side of Man-E-Faces features clean lines, and smooth shading. Look like our figure shall remain a killing machine while hanging out on our shelf!

The articulation model for Man-E-Faces is mostly the same as all other MOTUC figures. Natuarlly, there is no ball-joint neck for this guy, as a swivel is a necessity for his action feature. Simply turn the dial on the top of his head and the other faces will rotate into view. Otherwise, the standard swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, hinged torso, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, swivel boot tops, and dual hinged ankles are all present and accounted for. Our figure had a loose shoulder, but other than that all of his joints are tight and work well. The best part? no loose ankles thanks to the use of the bulky Trap-Jaw/Optikk boots.

This is the area where we write about the accessories. While normally this is a simple task, like our previous Megator, the review copy was missing its "secret accessory". Rumor has it, the secret accessory is a second tri-face piece. This would be logical, especially with how easy Man-E-Faces head comes apart. In fact, our's falls to pieces almost too easy. As for the rest of the package, Perkaedo has his bright orange blaster pistol. it fits his hand well and matches the figure in no way whatsoever...just like the original.

Man-E-Faces (along with Megator, a Beastman re-issue, and others) goes on sale August 15th at noon eastern time, only on the Matty Collector website. He's a very fan-demanded release, so there will probably be quite a few non-subscribers vying to get their figure as well. Expect the White Screen of Death to make an appearance!

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