Awesome Fan-Made 'Angry Birds' Motion Comic (video)

We already know Rovio wants to take Angry Birds to Hollywood, but what about comic books? Sure, there really isn’t any dialogue between the birds and pigs in the smartphone game, but this Angry Birds motion comic shows us that we may not need it.

The fan-made comic puts a pretty dark spin on the stolen egg story, but it makes sense to do it that way. When you think about it, pigs stealing Red Bird’s unborn avian child and frying it up for dinner is a pretty dark story to begin with.

Heikki & Liisa Kareranta are the folks behind this wonderfully gritty take on the Angry Birds universe and they've done done a really good job bringing it all together. If you've ever wondered what an Angry Birds motion comic would be like I suggest you watch the video below.

[via Bleeding Cool]

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