Video Interview: Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez on Locke and Key's Comic and TV Future

One of our favorite currently running comic book series is IDW’s Locke & Key, a horror story by writer Joe Hill and artist Gabriel Rodriguez that is by turns, terrifying, hilarious, and deeply emotional. You know: really, really good.

So it was a pleasure to sit down with the duo at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the rapidly approaching ending of the series (it will last six volumes, total; the fifth has just launched last month), how they’re just like an old married couple, and just what’s going on with FOX’s scuttled Locke & Key pilot, which had two screenings at SDCC.

But first, the ending. Like most “mystery” series, there’s always the question of sticking the landing; though the recently released issue, Locke & Key: Clockworks #1 basically laid out the entire history of the mysteries surrounding Key House, and the ultimate enemy who has it out for the Locke children. And as Rodriguez says, though the story of the Locke children will end in eleven more issues’ time, the world of Locke & Key is rich enough that the duo are considering returning for further stories:

SDCC 2011: Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez on 'Locke and Key's' Ending

And now, the beginning. Hill and Rodriguez have been justly lauded for their seamless working relationship, allowing the story to come as much from the visuals as it does from the words. There have been issues that were comprised entirely of full page splashes, some that have panels repeated with slight differences in order to ratchet up tension, and, no joke, an entire issue done in the style of Calvin and Hobbes. So how do they do it? Easy: they got married:

SDCC 2011: Joe Hill And Gabriel Rodriguez Are An Old Married Couple

As mentioned earlier, attendees at SDCC had a rare chance to watch the pilot episode for FOX’s proposed Locke & Key pilot, with a packed panel discussion following the first, and a rare encore screening, also packed. I was lucky enough to catch the second screening, and I’ll say: it was stunningly good. Incredibly well directed, smart, excellently cast, with some beautiful imagery. The best part was that not only did it capture Hill’s language, it replicated elements of Rodriguez’s art superbly. Also, it’s f**king terrifying. So again: it’s really, really good. With the excellent response at San Diego, will Locke & Key get a second life after FOX decided not to pick it up?

SDCC 2011: Is The 'Locke And Key' TV Pilot Dead?

There’s plenty more from the duo, including talk about the morals of the comic, and their favorite keys. And don’t forget to go and get the comic from IDW, which is available in gorgeous trade editions. Have we mentioned it’s very good? I did? All right then.

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