A 'Star Trek' Theme Park Is Coming In 2014!

I would have never guessed King Abdullah II of Jordan was a Star Trek fan, but that’s apparently the case. In fact, King Abdullah II appeared in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager and likes Star Trek so much he’s going to help make Trekkie dreams come true by tossing some cash at the construction of a Star Trek theme park!

Trekkies will have to travel to Jordan if they want to attend the park, but let’s look on the bright side here -- a Star Trek theme park is really happening and that’s cool enough to get anyone excited. Anyone who likes Star Trek at least.

Here’s a snippet from park developer Rubicon Group Holding’s press release…

To complete the chronological spectrum with a futurist perspective, RGH has joined with CBS Consumer Products and Paramount Recreation to create a stunning Star Trek-themed center that will deliver a variety of multi-sensory 23rd-century experiences, culminating with a state-of-the art space-flight adventure that takes real-time immersive entertainment experiences to bold new heights.

The Star Trek park will actually be a part of the Red Sea Astrarium, a 184-acre resort that will also include entertainment highlighting the region’s rich history. There will be five star hotels, dining, entertainment and shopping among other Earth-based amenities. The Red Sea Astrarium is scheduled for completion in 2014

[MSNBC via Gizmodo]

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