Gen Con: Farewell To Gen Con 2011! Plus, Coverage Recap

By George Holochwost

(Editor's note: This post was written at the end of the last day of GenCon)

Today is a day of suitcases, lines of cabs, and exhausted gamers. If you added a few drooping jaw bones and a few groans for “brains”, you'd think you were in a George Romero zombie movie. Some are heading to the vendors' room for those last minute deals, some are queued up at the massage booth for some pre-flight respite. All in all, today is a day of satisfaction and smiles as new friends have been made, new toys have been acquired and a feeling of conquest and completion fills the hearts of everyone who made it through the last four days of high-quality, hyper-condensed geekery.

As a gaming retail guy myself, I am returning home to Baltimore where my friends and co-workers at Games & Stuff (an incredibly cool gaming store owned by my friend and fearless leader Ed Sloman) will grill me for all the nerdy details of my GenCon voyage. If you are in the area, stop on by! The staff and I will be happy to chat about your gaming interests seven days a week. However, no words can do full justice to the four best days in gaming.

So as GenCon 2011 winds down, this is George Holochwost signing off for MTV Geek! See ya at GenCon 2012!

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