Gen Con: Two Sneak Previews Sure to Excite From Fantasy Flight

By George Holochwost

Fans of Descent and the original Dune boardgame thrilled at two new previews at the Fantasy Flight booth this weekend at GenCon.

First up, Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. This massive tactical dungeon crawler comes in a box about the same size as FF's Mansions of Madness. Set in the Terrinoth – the same world as of DungeonQuest, RuneWars, RuneAge, and Runebound, Descent Second Edition will integrate campaign elements to the core game drawing from mechanics and concepts originally presented in the Descent expansions Road to Legend and Sea of Blood. Descent Second edition boasts the same quality components that we've come to expect from Fantasy Flight. Don't worry, if you went deep on the original Descent, you will be happy to hear that a conversion pack for first edition components will also be made available to long time fans.

Next, is a classic game with a new look. For gamers who remember the original Dune boardgame, REX – set in the universe of Twilight Imperium will give a whole new look to this much sought after game. Fans can catch a glimpse of the game and its components at the Fantasy Flight booth in the GenCon vendors hall, including a peek at the original Dune's dust storm upgrade – a killer swarm of giant starships beautifully sculpted and mounted on a cool multi-prong flight base.

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